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Benefits of A Luxury Armoured Car Service

Luxury armoured car services are paramount for those wishing to get to a destination safely and securely. With this in mind, some of you reading may be asking “What is an armoured car?” Well, an armoured car is a reinforced structure that offers protection to individuals in case of an attack. Most armoured vehicles are installed with bulletproof glass and ballistic steel which are designed to protect world leaders, celebrities, or political figures wishing to blend in with the crowd and go about their day unnoticed and unharmed. As such, this article will enlighten you with the contents of a luxury armoured car and why you should consider having an armoured car chauffeur service today. 

What Are The Contents Of A Luxury Armoured Car?

Crash Proof

Most luxury armoured cars are equipped with heavy duty bull bars and bulky bumpers. This is specifically designed to allow the armoured vehicle to power through blockages on the road and pass through most barriers that block its path. This is essential should an armoured vehicle get trapped and a clients’ safety level is at risk. Luxury armoured cars also often have reinforced bumpers installed in a low profiling manner which means they are undetectable by the average person. This further helps them blend in with the roads while still maintaining a safe and secure structure to the vehicle. 

Ballistic Protected Bulletproof Glass 

Luxury armoured cars utilise a material called bulletproof glass also known as ballistic transparent material. This material is constructed by adding both polycarbonate material and special glass in a uniquely manufactured way which means it can withhold large impacts. It can even withstand the firepower and velocity of bullet projectiles! Sometimes, the glass material can be as thick as 75 mm which allows the driver to operate the vehicle without feeling threatened when protecting those inside the vehicle. Here at Belgraves of London, We offer various marques of armoured vehicles with ballistic ratings from B4 (VPAM 4) which is resilient to handguns/shotguns to the highest ballistic protection of B7 (VPAM 9) providing super high-velocity sniper rifle protection.

RaSP Trained Drivers 

Highly Specialised training is strongly recommended when trying to operate and maneuver these beastly armoured vehicles. Not just anyone can drive an armoured/bulletproof vehicle as usually, they are fitted with high performing engine parts which means they can be more difficult to control. However, you will be please to know that here at Begraves of London, 

Our armoured vehicle drivers are ex Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP) which is a highly trained division of the Metropolitan Police. Well versed in security and diplomatic protocols, our drivers have excellent local knowledge and their experience, professionalism and skill are second to none. It is also expected that the driver of the armoured car is 

to stay within the vehicle at all times until they complete the mission of transporting their VIP to the desired destination. So you can feel assured that they will get the job done. 

They Weigh Considerably More  

An armoured luxury vehicle is considerably heavier than a regular car averaging approximately 800 to 2,000 pounds more in weight. As previously mentioned, the vehicles are tuned with higher powered engineers and reinforced materials to withstand heavy fire or large impacts. Because of this, the engine, brakes, and shock absorbers are often upgraded to compensate for the added weight so that they can be easier to drive for trained personnel. 

Interior Safety Precautions

While we have discussed the outside properties of the luxury armoured vehicles, there are a few neat little features in the interior of the vehicle which makes them more appealing to individuals who wish to have an armoured car chauffeur service. For example, the vehicle can withstand extreme temperatures which means they can protect against robberies, hijackings, and other threats of violence. Some of the other common additions include fuel tank and battery protection which means if you are under heavy fire or about to have a collision, you can rest assured that your fuel tank does become vandalised and ignite. 

Smoke screens can also be utilised to cover your location during a potential threat as well as an intercom system to help you communicate with people outside of the car. 

Finally, some select luxury armoured cars even have the ability to dispense road spikes to burst the tires of oncoming vehicles and can even have the inside of the vehicle sealed to protect against poisonous or tear gas. 

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