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Electric Chauffeur Cars – The Future of Travel?

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Chauffeur-driven vehicles are the pinnacle of driven transport. But what can be expected for the future of the industry, and why will electric chauffeur cars soon become common? The automotive industry is gradually turning away from petrol-and-diesel-powered models, with the focus being placed on electric motors and hybrids. In this article, we will explore exactly why electric cars are becoming more and more popular, as well as when we can expect that electric chauffeur cars will take over from fuel-powered alternatives and when electric chauffeur services will become the norm. We will also take a look into the market, looking at what the most popular models currently are, as well as what models could be coming in the future.

Why are electric cars becoming popular?

Perhaps the main reason that electric cars are becoming increasingly popular is the attention that has been placed on conserving the environment. Fuel-powered vehicles contribute greatly to the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which can lead to increased global temperatures and climate change. With an electric vehicle, the gases that are emitted are eliminated, making them much more environmentally friendly, as well as reducing the levels of air pollution in densely populated areas. But how do electric vehicles stack up against fuel-powered vehicles in other ways, not just environmentally?


One of the more notable differences in fuel-powered and electric vehicles is the power distribution. In an electric chauffeur vehicle, power is provided to the engine instantly producing instantaneous acceleration. With a fuel-powered car, the power can take a small amount of time to be distributed so acceleration can take some time.


A drawback of electric chauffeur cars that could potentially set them behind fuel-powered alternatives is the range that the batteries can provide. Whilst efficient diesel or petrol cars can reach distances of 400+ miles on a single tank, a modern electric vehicle will on average run out of power at around 300 miles. However, electric vehicles do have the option of having EV charging points installed at your home or business. This can mean you save both time and money by simply charging your car up when you are not using it, as opposed to having to drive to a petrol station.

Electric car charging point sign

When will electric chauffeur cars become the norm?

It is clear that electric vehicles will eventually become the most commonly used vehicles for electric chauffeur services. However, for every electric vehicle on the road, there are over 160 fuel-powered cars. Getting this shift away from fuel will be difficult, but the government has put into place a plan that will ban the sale of fuel-powered cars from the year 2030. The average person replaces their car every five to seven years, meaning by 2037 most people with fuel-powered cars will be looking to purchase a new car, an electric car.

What are the best electric cars available on the market?

Because of this shift away from petrol and diesel, car manufacturers have begun to produce electric models, all of which are an attempt to innovate this new sector of the market. Electric chauffeur cars may begin to use some of these models, especially the more premium examples.

Electric car charging on electric charging point at service station


The largest, most successful manufacturer of electric vehicles are the United States based Tesla. Owned by billionaire Elon Musk, Tesla have multiple models of electric vehicle, all of which have proved to be immensely popular around the world. The most popular model that Tesla produces is the Model 3. Tesla are constantly updating their software in all of their vehicles, which includes the Model S, Model X and the Model Y.


Mercedes-Benz are known for their high levels of quality, reliability and performance, and this has continued as they make their way into the world of electric vehicles. We have already added Mercedes-Benz models into our fleet of electric chauffeur cars, including the amazing Mercedes-Benz EQV. With a range of over 200 miles and an approximate charging time of around 45 minutes, the Mercedes-Benz EQV is an ideal vehicle to use for electric chauffeur services. With amazing seating capacity and comfort, the EQV will be a staple of electric chauffeur cars moving forward.

Hybrid Models

At Belgraves of London, we have also implemented a range of hybrid vehicles into our fleet. Some of the cars that our clients can choose from include the Mercedes S580e, a hybrid model with up to 60 miles of fully electric travel. Mercedes-Benz are not the only hybrid car producer that have found their way into our fleet. We also offer our clients the chance to ride in the incredible Range Rover P400e, as well as the stylish BMW 745LE, both of which have a range of 30 miles of fully electric travel.

If you have any questions regarding electric chauffeur cars or the future of electric chauffeur services, please feel free to get in touch with us. To book a high-quality chauffeur service with Belgraves of London, contact us today.