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Everything You Should Know About The Electric Mercedes Benz Cars

Electric Mercedes

The electric Mercedes range of cars are making their mark on the UK car market. The Mercedes electric car models have a lot to offer. We’re taking a look at the electric car market in general, to see how the electric Mercedes vehicles fare.

The electric car industry is enjoying a boom. At the end of 2022 sales of electric cars had increased by a whopping 40% This still only accounts for 2-3% of cars on the road, but that figure is expected to continue rising. In fact, by 2030, electric and hybrid vehicles are expected to account for a third of used cars on the market. 

There are still improvements to make, to allow electric vehicles to compare favourably with their petrol and diesel counterparts. Charging times and driving range are top of the list. Typically, electric vehicles take 8 hours to fully charge, using a 7kw charging point. Cars that are compatible with ‘rapid’ charging can get 100 mile range added in around 35 minutes, but there is still some way to go.

What Are The Options For Electric Vehicles?

Buyers have three options when it comes to choosing their electric vehicle:

EV’s – These are the pure electric vehicles. Powered only by battery, they typically have a range of 100 -200 miles.

Plug in Hybrid Vehicles – PHEV’s – Powered by a combination of electric and petrol / diesel. They have a smaller battery than pure electric vehicles and a range of 15 – 30 miles on an electric charge. They need to be plugged in to recharge the battery.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles – HEV’s – These can only be driven a few miles using the electric charge, which is renewed using the braking energy of the vehicle. The main power supply is petrol or diesel.

What’s The Mercedes Benz Story?

Mercedes Benz falls into the ‘luxury vehicle’ category. With such an enviable reputation in the petrol and diesel market, it stands to reason that their electric vehicles would reach the same, exacting standards.

It all began in 1886, when Karl Benz developed the first gasoline car. The Daimler Motor Corporation produced them from 1901, and the Mercedes name was trademarked in 1902. The names were combined to give us the brand we now know. 

Mercedes-Benz headquarters, and the main production plant are in Stuttgart, Germany. There are other manufacturing facilities around the world, including China, USA and the UK. 

Their first electric Mercedes, the Generation EQ concept vehicle was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2016.

Mercedes aims to have electric versions of all models in the range by 2025. Furthermore, any vehicle developed after this date will be fully electric.

How Good is The Mercedes Electric Car Range?

As you would expect, the Mercedes electric car range is substantial and varied. Mercedes Benz has maintained strong market presence in the luxury car market, and the electric Mercedes range is no exception.

Offering an extensive range of fully electric and electric hybrid vehicles to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:

The Mercedes EQ range – fully electric

EQA – from £47.5k with a 260 mile range. The smallest offering, with a rapid charge time of 30 minutes

EQB – A spacious seven seater, with a variable interior, from £53.6k

EQC – The 100% electric 4×4, with all the extras you’d expect from Mercedes Benz

EQE – in their own words, a ‘balance of technological innovation and modern aesthetics’

EQS – from £102k this is a member of the S class range. With the innovative MBUX Hyperscreen, it offers a luxurious level of electric driving.

EQS SUV – Combining the strength and versatility of the SUV, this is luxury driving at its finest. It has a price tag that suggest as much, from £130k

EQV – The first premium electric MPV from Mercedes. It has a 213 mile range and a 45 minute charge time. With 0% emissions, it carries 7 people.

The Hybrid Range

With a staggering choice of 14 hybrid vehicles to choose from, Mercedes have made sure they cater for the masses. A-Class, B-Class, C,E and S Class are all available. As are the CLA Coupe, GLC,GLA and GLE models. Powered mainly by petrol or diesel, the electric power can run the vehicles for between 26 miles (the GLC Coupe) and 80 miles (GLC SUV).

Benefits of Electric Cars

If the huge range of models hasn’t given you enough reason to consider the electric Mercedes vehicles, here are a few more benefits you might like to ponder:

Cost – Cheaper to run than petrol or diesel models. Lower tax rates and no congestion charge.

Greener – Zero local emissions. Reduced Co2. Cleaner air quality.

Convenience – Charge overnight as you sleep. No more stopping in the wind and rain to refuel. Impressive number of charging facilities around the UK.

Style and Performance – High tech, high spec, high performance with no compromise.

There’s no escaping the fact that we are going to be moving to fully electric driving in the not too distant future.

In the UK the government plans for all new cars to be electrified by 2030. By 2035 there is expected to be a ban on the production and selling of hybrid cars. This is great news for the environment. 

There is still some way to go to make the charging of these vehicles easier. Charging points and charging times need to be improved to make electric vehicles more appealing. Hopefully we will continue to make advances over the next few years, to make this a possibility. 

Whatever your perception about electric vehicles, you have to agree that Mercedes Benz are at the forefront of technological advances in this area. They may not fall into everyone’s price bracket, but in terms of choice and flexibility, they are certainly getting it right.

Travelling in a Mercedes may be a daily occurrence for some, for others a treat on a special occasion. For whatever reason you may find yourself in a Mercedes Benz, electric or otherwise, take time to enjoy the experience.