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What Chauffeur Skills Do You Need in the Chauffeur Industry

Many people often fantasise about being chauffeured around the likes of London witnessing the many beautiful architectures the city has to offer or stepping off a luxurious plane in a hot country waiting to be chauffeured by a new Mercedes-Benz S class back to a 5* hotel. However, for some of you reading, you may be asking yourself:  “How to become a chauffeur?” and “What chauffeur skills are needed”. 

Whilst it might seem like a chauffeur is nearly identical to a taxi driver, the two are actually massively different. Both services will collect and take you to your required destination, but the difference is portrayed within the level of service and the specific chauffeur skills displayed by your private driver during your voyage. As such, in this article we will discover how to become a chauffeur and what chauffeur skills, qualities and other miscellaneous ‘must haves’ you need to be successful in the industry.

How To Become a Chauffeur?

If being a chauffeur is something you have been considering, the first thing you will need to do is obtain a Private Hire Permit for private vehicles outside of London or, a PHV licence for private vehicles inside of London. The fundamental guidelines when acquiring the license  tend to be uniform as listed below:


Age is a big factor to take into account when being a chauffeur. Driving for potentially long periods of time is considered high risk and therefore means drivers must be able to withstand the mental and physical strain for many hours during the day. Additionally, you may be transporting high profile figures like business VIP’s or celebrities so being experienced certainly helps within the private transportation industry. Generally, the minimum age to even be considered for a chauffeur service job or training course is 25. 

Criminal Record 

Most permits require a compulsory check to ensure you don’t have a criminal record, this includes having a clean and full driving licence. Professional driving puts you in a position of trust and responsibility both invaluable chauffeur skills required to be successful in the job so your personal integrity must be faultless. 

Street Knowledge

Local knowledge is desirable to your successes as a chauffeur driver. You aren’t required to have the sort after ‘photographic memory’ and geographical layout of an entire city; however, in the case of a diversion, you would need to be equipped with alternative routes in the case of redirection to your customers desired location.

Physical Ability

The licensing body will also need to check your medical health background. A job as a chauffeur requires that you are physically able, in good mental health and that your eyesight meets the minimum legal requirements for safe driving. Failure in any of these areas could mean that your chances as a professional chauffeur driver is limited.


While there aren’t any universal chauffeur service websites where you can simply apply to be a chauffeur driver, you could take a driver training course like those offered by the Institute of Advanced Motorists to improve your chances of finding work. Alternatively, you could search sites like ‘Indeed’ or the Government find a job page to be updated and alerted of any vacancies. 

What Chauffeur Skills Are Needed To Excel In The Industry?

Now that you know how to become a chauffeur driver you may be asking what chauffeur skills are needed to thrive in the job. Below are some of the chauffeur skills the best drivers in the business tend to display before, during and after a transport.  

  • A keen eye for detail, 
  • Immense planning – allowing for a plan A, B and C in the case of any last minute changes
  • An immaculate vehicle, both inside and out
  • Impeccable appearance
  • Precise timekeeping
  • A passion and commitment for customer service
  • A ‘can do’ attitude
  • A sense of pride and ownership for their work 
  • A desire to constantly exceed expectations
  • A passion for learning
  • Completing training courses to enhance their skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowing when to speak 
  • Professional at all times 

You have seen the multiple chauffeur skills the best and most successful drivers in the business tend to display and this is no different here at Belgraves of London. Our private vehicle drivers don’t believe in simply getting you from point A to point B but have a keen focus on catering to your every need. We will endeavour to provide you with a distinctly professional, safe and reliable chauffeur driven service, tailored to your specific requirements and delivered with a willingness and attention to detail that is designed to impress.  

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