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Mercedes Benz vs Rolls Royce – Chauffeur Service

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The debate “Mercedes Benz vs Rolls Royce” is something many people consider when hiring a private chauffeur. The two car manufactures are elite and boast immense levels of luxury. With this in mind, this article will discuss the pros of each car manufacturer and will focus more specifically, the Rolls Royce Phantom Vs the Mercedes-Benz S Class model. This is all in an attempt to help you choose between these two superior cars when you wish to have a private chauffeur service.

Mercedes-Benz – 

To start the Mercedes Benz vs Rolls Royce discussion, we have the Mercedes Benz S Class model. This elite vehicle is ideal for those who wish to have a smooth sailing experience to any destination. With the latest reclining comfort leather seats, surrounded by wood finishes, ambient lighting and beautiful touchpad system technology, the S Class is truly a first class method of transport that only the very best can experience. Combining both power, safety and comfort, It is no wonder it is the go-to luxury saloon and the chauffeur-driven car of choice in today’s market. Not to mention it is a car you can very quickly fall in love with due to its impressive design and positive stigma that is inherently attached to an S class model. 

Rolls Royce –

Next in the Mercedes Benz vs Rolls Royce debate we have the Rolls Royce Phantom. Oozing class and elegance, this British historic car is owned by the very wealthiest of individuals. It’s no wonder that you rarely see these iconic motor vehicles during your everyday activities which is what makes the Rolls Royce Phantom so sought after and desired. Possessing a 6.75-litre V12 engine, this beast is the ultimate vehicle when it comes to comfort riding and power. Not to mention, it possesses immaculate and unique cream leather seating which helps you generate a sense of separation from the outside world. Finally, this vehicle offers superb levels of privacy in an environment of unrivalled luxury. Whether you need to close that all important business deal or arrive in style, the Rolls Royce Phantom is the vehicle you need to be chauffeured in.

Your Choice

Now that you have read about some of the key properties of each car, perhaps it is time for you to decide yourself which car to go with and settle the Rolls Royce Vs Mercedes debate. If you are still undecided, feel free to contact us where one of our friendly chauffeurs can discuss further car specifications and what option you should decide to utilise:

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