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What Are The Most Popular Events in The UK?

Royal Ascot Chauffeurs

As a leading provider of luxury chauffeur services in London, we are familiar with all the most popular events in the UK. We’ve driven many of our clients to such events, and wanted to compile a list of the most popular UK events that should attend in style with a luxury chauffeur service.

Of course, there is no better way to get to these events than with a luxury chauffeur service to complete the experience. You want to be able to enjoy the event you’re attending; without fear of unreliable transport letting you down. Belgraves of London certainly won’t, as our staff are trained to deliver a luxury and stress-free experience.

Now, let’s review the most popular events in the UK, and why you should attend in style with a luxury car service.

The British Grand Prix

Silverstone, since its first hosting in 1950, has become the home of British motor sport. You cannot think of racing without Silverstone springing to mind; the two are simply synonymous.

The annual event spans over three days, each providing the thrill of professional racing. On Friday, there is just one hour for free practice on the track; on the same day, the qualifying round takes place. Saturday brings the F1 Sprint, which leads to the weekend’s star event on Sunday, the Grand Prix. All describe the weekend as sensational as it provides three whole days of racing thrills for F1 enthusiasts.

The British Grand Prix consists of unique events depending on which package you purchase, but no matter which package you will have access to the exhilarating races occurring on Silverstone’s course. Aside from the races, the British Grand Prix offers food and drink stalls to cater to everyone!

Many people opt to travel to The British Grand Prix in a luxury car service, to complete their weekend. This service will elevate your trip and make it one to remember.

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is an event beloved by the entire world, as it is iconic to British culture. The horse racing event, attended yearly by Queen Elizabeth, began in the summer of 1771 and has only grown in popularity since. Its historical roots and impressive racing events have earned it a spot as one of the most popular events in the UK.

It spans over a course of 5 days, and grabs the attention of celebrities and members of the public alike. The air of Ascot is known to be electric with the excitement of the fast-paced races and fresh country air. 

Royal Ascot is affiliated with luxury, and many of the world’s finest racehorses come to compete for the prize money of more than £7,300,000. So, take in the opulence of Royal Ascot and have the full package with a private chauffeur service


The iconic tennis event that is Wimbledon lasts over 2 weeks, taking place, of course, in London. For years, people have eagerly awaited the annual tournament with anticipation; they wait to see their favourite tennis stars battle it out for the £2,500,000 prize money and the coveted Wimbledon championship trophy.

Some of the most prestigious figures in the UK attend Wimbledon, including the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Wimbledon also sees global celebrities in attendance, such as Kate Winslet and Tom Cruise

The internationally adored tennis tournament is iconic to Britain and to complete your trip, travel in luxury, with a chauffeur service.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 

The breathtaking and truly remarkable scenes at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show cannot be duplicated. The show began in 1912, and is still one of the most popular events in the UK to date. Indeed; this is the event of every gardener’s dreams. From its awe-inspiring flower displays to an array of scientific innovations, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has it all. 

They hold the show for five days, and it takes place in Chelsea, of course. Many members of the royal family attend every year, however, tickets are available for anyone to purchase. 

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Iconic to London is the New Year’s Eve fireworks show. Every year thousands of people gather on the banks of the Thames to witness the show in person. Although widely televised, you cannot compare it to seeing it firsthand. The vivid colours, the sounds, the smells, the energy in the air that welcomes in a new year. 

Yes, the New Year’s Eve fireworks display is certainly one of the most popular events in the UK. A trip to London may be the perfect way for you to bring in the new year, and what better way to travel than by a luxury chauffeur service

Henley Royal Regatta 

Held annually, the Henley Royal Regatta dates back to 1839 and is one of the most famous rowing events in the world. Every year, over 300,000 people attend to see the race on the Thames. The elite sport competition takes place over six days and keeps spectators riveted by its races. 

Competing in the regatta are various top-level rowing clubs and aspiring Olympic athletes; the event has produced many of the top rowing athletes we know today. 

Henley Royal Regatta also offers luxury food and drink experiences alongside their races. These include their Mile and 1/8th restaurant, and their Luncheon tent as well as their seafood restaurant. Truly, Henley Royal Regatta has it all and is an event that should be attended in style. 

The Christmas Markets – Winter Wonderland

Nothing quite gets us all in the festive spirit like a Christmas market. With a big, soft pretzel in one hand and a stein of beer in the other, a Christmas market is the perfect way to spend a chilly December day. It is easily one of the most popular events in the UK, with the London market Winter Wonderland attracting over 3 million visits every year. 

Christmas Markets offer unique stalls, delicious food and award-winning attractions, providing a perfect day for the whole family at Christmas time. 

The best way to upgrade your Christmas market experience is to get there safely and comfortably, with a luxury chauffeur service. This can make your trip back stress-free as your chauffeur will help you with all those heavy shopping bags!

Travel to the best events with a luxury chauffeur experience with Belgraves of London

Now that we’ve looked at the most popular events in the UK, it’s time to figure out how you’re getting there!

With Belgraves of London, we’ve got your travel all sorted with our luxury chauffeur service. Turning up to the RHS Flower Show or Wimbledon in a luxury chauffeur car is sure to be the finishing touch to your experience. 

Our team is ready and waiting, to organise your chauffeur experience today. Get in touch now to discuss your luxury car service, today.