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What Is The Difference Between a Driver and Chauffeur Service?

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It’s a common misconception that the difference between driver and chauffeur is minimal. They both get you to your destination; so does it really matter what they’re called? As long as they get the job done, surely no one really focuses on the difference between drivers and chauffeurs. Or do they?

Looking at both roles in a bit more detail does help to give us a better insight into the responsibilities of both roles, and the expectations upon the drivers / chauffeurs themselves.

Everything rolled into one

Unlike a driver, a professional chauffeur is not just there to take you from A to B but rather, a true professional chauffeur will fulfil all your whims and requests.  They are a butler, ticket agent, concierge, personal shopper and even agony aunt all rolled into one.  Whatever you wish for, your personal chauffeur is there to make sure it happens. A good chauffeur will even anticipate what will make your day that little bit more special, make suggestions and make them a reality. 

Training, Experience and Skills Required

In the main, drivers do not require training over and above a standard driving licence. Their sole responsibility is getting their passengers from A to B. A good working knowledge of the area in which they operate is useful, but not essential.

In comparison, a chauffeur’s responsibilities cover so much more than simply driving. They are often given the responsibility of looking after high level clients, with additional security needs. Many chauffeur companies insist on regular drug tests for their employees, as the safety and security of their clients is paramount.

Due to the sensitive and confidential aspects of some clients, professional chauffeurs may require defensive driving skills, second language abilities and an in-depth knowledge of the area.  Additional driving qualifications are certainly useful if you are considering a chauffeur position. 

The Additional Extras

When you engage the services of a professional chauffeur, whether for business or pleasure, you can expect a few extra touches of luxury.

You will be greeted by a professionally dressed chauffeur; guided in and out of the vehicle; and have your luggage dealt with discreetly, so you can sit back and enjoy the journey. 

Business professionals can choose to prepare for upcoming meetings, or use the time to unwind. Theatre goers have the option of pre-show drinks in their luxury vehicle, and avid shoppers need not concern themselves with the mundane task of carrying their wares.

There are so many possibilities when you choose to hire a professional. The differences between driver and chauffeur services are many and varied. So, consider your booking wisely next time. Do you simply need a driver, or do you owe it to yourself and your business to really make an impression with one of our experienced, professional chauffeurs? Get in touch to find out more.