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What Should I Expect From a VIP Chauffeur Service?


Throughout the service, your chauffeur is your point of contact for any questions or requests you may have. It’s just as important you feel like you can talk to your driver when necessary. That’s why our VIP chauffeur service starts with the most respectful first impression to keep you relaxed throughout your journey.

But it’s not possible to put your full faith into a company until you know what to expect. Before your journey begins, discover all the benefits of  what our VIP chauffeur service offers:

Our VIP Chauffeur Service Starts with Complete Privacy

Everyone has a right to privacy. Be it a consul or CEO, we will protect your identity. Our chauffeurs will keep your business matters confidential and will not interfere with any conversations you have.  All chauffeurs are even required to sign non-disclosure agreements binding them to confidentiality.

Flexibility and Time Efficiency

We are more than happy to wait for you during important events and extend your journey if you need more time. In addition, our chauffeurs have an excellent working knowledge of our capital city, and will always have a route B and even C planned to bypass congested areas.

Maximum Comfort and Safety

Our drivers will gladly put your luggage in the vehicle, and ensure you have all amenities and features offered before departing. We offer an array of amenities, such as:

– British mineral water

– Oshibori luxury scented towels

– Hand sanitiser

– Notebook and pen

– Mobile chargers and charging pads

– Rear entertainment

– And heated and cooled massage seats to keep you comfortable

Professionalism Throughout Your Journey

Our chauffeurs are courteous, polite and at your disposal throughout the service. They are consummate professionals who are ready to carry out your requests regardless of the complexity of the task.

Stress-Free Transfers Across London Airports

We ensure zero stress during your transfer, from locating your chauffeur to arriving at your destination. We will provide you with your drivers’ phone number, vehicle information and where they are parked so you can easily access them.

Your chauffeur will wait for you at the designated meeting point before escorting you to the vehicle. We allow a wait time of 60 minutes from when the plane has landed, and a 15-minute wait time at the pick-up location for transfers to the airport.

Sustainable Amenities and Vehicles

Belgraves of London have become the most environmentally friendly chauffeur company in the UK, perhaps even the world. In turn, we offer a multitude of sustainable complimentary amenities, such as:

– British mineral water in recycled aluminium bottles

– Hand sanitiser offered in refillable aluminium bottles

– Biodegradable and luxury scented oshibori towels

– And even our offices are run on 100% renewable energy

Supplementary Services

Sometimes the perfect journey is not complete without additional services. Our chauffeurs can make stops along the way, help carry your shopping and even supply car seats.

While we prefer requests to be made prior to embarking, we still encourage you to engage with your chauffeur with any request you may have.

Our VIP Chauffeur Service Ends with Value for Money

Our entire fleet offers exceptional value for money with a small difference in rates depending on the vehicle. We provide both an hourly rate with a minimum hire of three hours, and a more cost-effective 10-hour day rate.

Award-Winning VIP Chauffeur Service with Belgraves of London

Make a lasting impression with Belgraves of London. There is nothing more dignified than arriving at an event or meeting in a sustainable, first-class vehicle, remember—first impressions count.

Our erudite drivers are trained to maintain professionalism during any situation, and will provide the VIP chauffeur service of choice.

Due to our outstanding work, we have been awarded Chauffeur Company of the Year consecutively since 2018 and Environmental Company of the Year in 2021 and 2023.

Before you enquire about our services, discover our electric and hybrid fleet for your ideal travel arrangements. Once ready, simply contact us to book your journey.