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Chauffeur Driven Service Covid-19 Safety Procedures

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These are unprecedented times we are all experiencing and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those whom have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus. The health and wellbeing of our passengers and colleagues is our highest priority and we have been doing everything we can to create a safe environment for all our passengers and chauffeurs.

Our services now incorporate precautionary safety measures in order to significantly improve the safety of your travelling environment and reduce the risk of cross contamination. We would like to reassure you our policies and procedures have been developed in line with the guidance provided by Public Health England and the UK Government and will be regularly monitored and adapted should the advice change.


The UK government have now eased restrictions in England and it will no longer be applicable by law to wear a face mask. However for the continued safety and protection of our passengers and staff, our chauffeurs will continue to wear face masks while carrying out their duties and we are strongly advising all passengers to wear face masks while travelling within the vehicle cabin. We will also continue to carry out ALL our COVID-19 safety protocols to keep our service as safe as possible for everyone.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above we will advise you not to travel, stay inside (self-isolate) for 7 days and recommend you arrange to have an antigen test to check if you have COVID-19 – Please click here to arrange a test. Unfortunately, for your safety and the safety of others, we would not be able to fulfil your booking if you currently display these symptoms.

In addition to your booking confirmation, you will now receive a text message/email (depending on your preference) from us the evening before your booking with the driver’s, name, telephone number, vehicle registration number and temperature.

Covid Luggage Precautions


  • On arrival your chauffeur will contact you by text message.
  • Your chauffeur will ask you to place your luggage/bags just outside your entrance where he will sanitise your personal items before placing them in the vehicle.
  • When entering the vehicle your chauffeur will open and close all doors, minimising your contact with the vehicle.
  • From Monday 19th July the UK government are easing restrictions where it will be no longer applicable by law to wear a face mask. However, for the continued safety of our passengers and staff, our chauffeur will continue to wear a face mask during the service and we strongly advise our passengers to continue to wear a face mask when inside the vehicle cabin. As part of our commitment to high safety standards your chauffeur will offer you a complimentary PPE kit containing two masks, two pairs of disposable gloves, a WHO approved hand sanitiser specially made for Belgraves of London and a medical-grade wipe.
  • For collection at an airport or train station your chauffeur will assist with your luggage and will disinfect all baggage contact areas before placing them in the vehicle.

Covid Chauffeur Precautions


  • Your chauffeur will be wearing sanitised nitrile gloves and a face mask.
  • Your chauffeur will refrain from greeting you/saying goodbye with a handshake.
  • Your chauffeur will still maintain a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) distance wherever possible.
  • Your chauffeur has undertaken new COVID-19 training to keep both you and himself safe.


All our vehicles will undergo continual sanitation. The vehicle will be fully valeted inside and out as usual but will then undergo a second clean with medical-grade anti-viral products on all interior surfaces especially focusing on contact areas and exterior door handles. Once the interior has been fully sanitised a third stage disinfection of the interior cabin is conducted using ultraviolet light. Your chauffeur will pass a UVC wand over all the interior seats, doors, floor and headlining, especially focusing on all contact areas of the vehicle to leave the area as hygienically clean as possible.
The two stage sanitising clean of the vehicle interior will be carried out before and after each journey using anti-viral cleaners and ultraviolet light.
In some of our vehicles you will now see a protective screen between the driver and rear passenger cabin.
Until further notice we will not be placing any printed literature in the vehicles.
For your safety we are not allowing passengers to travel in the front passenger seat of the vehicle and have reduced the vehicle passenger capacity in the rear cabin to 2 passengers in a saloon/sedan, Range Rover and Rolls Royce and four passengers in a Mercedes V Class.

Covid Chauffeur Precautions

Journey & Arrival

  • If travelling alone and if a protective screen is not present in your vehicle, your chauffeur will politely ask you to sit directly behind the passenger seat as this is the greatest distance achievable between you and your chauffeur.
  • We recommend lowering a window to ventilate the cabin.
  • On arrival at your destination your chauffeur will open your door either remotely or by hand, minimising your contact with the vehicle.
  • Your chauffeur will sanitise and place your luggage at your desired location.
  • Your chauffeur will be happy to sanitise any of your personal belongings (telephone, keys, pens etc.) should you so wish.

Airport Meet & Greet Service

Your agent will still meet you at the entrance of the aircraft on the aerobridge for arrivals or by the terminal kerbside for departures but will observe social distancing throughout the service.
Your agent will be wearing sanitised nitrile gloves and a face mask.
Your agent will refrain from greeting you/saying goodbye with a handshake.
Your agent will take care of any common use touch screen and passenger access points on your behalf.
Baggage porters are recommended for the handling of luggage. Sanitation of bags is provided on arrival (subject to airport).
Your agent will assist you through all additional passenger health and screening protocols pre and post flight.
We request you wear a face mask while travelling through the terminal. As part of our commitment to high safety standards your agent will offer you a complimentary PPE kit containing a face mask, disposable gloves, and a hand sanitiser gel.

Protective Partition Screens

We have installed protective screens in our vehicles. We presently have them fitted in most of the Mercedes-Benz V Classes and S Classes. The screen is made from 4mm high-quality class 1 fire-resistant polycarbonate and conforms with the criteria currently set out by our regulator, Transport for London.

The screen has been designed to provide a complete partition between you and your chauffeur while still maintaining a sense of refinement within the vehicle.

Cabin Air Filters

In addition to the current safety measures in place, we have now fitted air filtration devices to all our vehicles.

The unit is able filter more than 95% of airborne viruses and contaminated particulate matter and floods the vehicle cabin with over 30,000 litres of clean air every hour, ensuring that not only the interior surfaces are hygienically clean but also the air within the vehicle.

Ultraviolet Light Sanitation

We are currently trialling UVC light wands. A unique characteristic of UVC light is that a specific range of its wavelengths, those between 200 and 280 nanometres (billionths of a meter), are categorised as germicidal – meaning they are capable of inactivating microorganisms. Over a century ago scientists discovered the ability of UVC to kill microorganisms at the DNA level and it has since been used regularly for sterilisation in hospitals, offices, clothing outlets, airlines and the sanitisation of drinking water. Our chauffeurs will use UVC light solely to disinfect your luggage, vehicle interior and if required your personal effects. UVC disinfection is a non-chemical process and does not leave any residuals, we can assure you ultraviolet light will not damage any of your belongings.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with our new safety procedures which will be in place until further notice. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 measures or any other aspects of our service, please feel free to contact our reservations team on +44 203 355 3333 or by email on

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